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Changelogs January 8,2019

Patch notes

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Server Updates:
Added New Items on Daily Scroll 
Added New Items on KOE Scroll
Added New Items on Guild Package 
Added New box on Quest Shop NPC
Added New box on Donate Shop  "Shadow Costume Box"
Added New Server Feature "Monster Hunting Quest"  
Added New Server Feature "iPlay Hourly NPC"  
Added New Server Feature "Auto-Trade Command"  
Added New Custom Costumes  
Added Healer NPC in Juno
Re-locate Warper NPC in Prontera
Re-locate Healer NPC in Prontera
Re-calibrate EXP and Drop rate for Weekdays (30x 30x 5x)and Weekends (50x 50x 8x)
Enabled Multiple Level-up Gain
Guild Package
Any guilds can now claim their Guild Package Starting on January 11, 2019
Be sure to meet the requirements
NPC is located in Prontera ''
Players will receive the following:
Medal Of Valor1 [0]
Effect will not work on PVP Maps
HP +3% 
SP +3% 
Enable to use Hiding 
Medal Of Valor2 [0]
Effect will not work on PVP Maps
Atk +5
Matk +5
Enable to use Sight
Shoes Of Valor [0]
Effect will not work on PVP Maps
HP +8%
SP +8%
Academy Shield [0]
Effect will not work on PVP Maps
Reduce damage from DemiHuman monster by 20%.
Muffler Of Valor [0]
Effect will not work on PVP Maps
Increase resistance against long ranged physical attacks by 7%.
Increase resistance against Neutral property attack by 7%.
Armor Of Valor [0]
Effect will not work on PVP Maps
Cannot be Frozen
Time Keeper Robe [0]
Effect will not work on PVP Maps
HP +10%
New EXP and Drop Rate Modifiers
You can now level up much easier than before! 
EXP and Drop rate for Weekdays (30x 30x 5x)and Weekends (50x 50x 8x)
Enabled Multiple Level-up Gain 
iPlay Loyal NPC
Every 10 hours of playtime you accumulate, you will receive a special scroll from our New NPC!
NPC is Located in Prontera (115,86)
This Scroll contains random items:
Cos. Shaman Aura
(Effect: Reduce SP reduction by 3%)
Mask Of Hero [0]
(Effect: Aspd +5% Atk +5 MATK +5 HP and SP +5%) 
Queen Anz Revenge [1] 
(Effect: Str+5 Atk+7% [Refine level+5] Atk +2%  [Refine level+7] Atk +3%  [Refine level+9] Atk +4% & Nullify Weapon Size Penalty)
Old Card Album
UP Coin
Miracle Tonic
Str Dish +10 
Int Dish +10 
Dex Dish +10 
Vit Dish +10 
Luk Dish +10 
Agi Dish +10
Monster Hunting Quest
NPC will reward you a Prize of Hero by doing the Monster Hunting Quest.
The NPC is located in Prontera (100 115)
Rewards will depend on what quest you take.
Every Monster Quest do have a cooldown of 23Hours
The prize of Hero can be Exchange for Monster hunting scroll
Party System Enabled (Monster Hunt will only count if the players are near on Target mob)
Purchase Monster Hunting Scroll on Hunt NPC which can be located near Quest Shop NPC!
Monster hunting scroll contains random items:
RTC First Place [0]
(Effect: All Stat +3, ASPD +10%, Inc. Physical and Magical Damage inflicted on Demi-Human monster by 10%)
Circlet Of Kriemhild [1]
(All Stat+5, Reduce Neutral damage by 5%, Adds auto-casting Kyrie Eleison on the wearer when attacked by physical damage.)
Poring Sunglasses [1]
(Dex +1, Reduce variable cast time by 5%)
AcidBomb Box x100
Elite Siege Supply Box
Str Dish +10 
Int Dish +10 
Dex Dish +10 
Vit Dish +10 
Luk Dish +10 
Agi Dish +10 
Auto Trade Command
You can now vend freely without worrying your merchant will be disconnected. 
Just type @autotrade.
But be sure to read the cons.
Auto-Trade Vendors are restricted to the following server features:
Cannot gain Daily Points
Cannot gain Hourly Coins
Cannot gain Hourly Points for the iPlay Loyal NPC
Cannot gain any online rewards
Cannot be picked by the Lucky Player Automated NPC
Donate Shop Updates
Added Anti Magic Suit [1]
Added Geffen Magigc Robe [1]
Added Magic Intensifier Ring [1]
Added Physical Enchancer Ring [1]
Added Big Def Potion Box 
Added Big Mdef Potion Box
Added Siege Violet Potion Box
Added HE Bubble Gum
Items with a new price range
Acid Bomb Box 10 - 1 Play Coin
Poison Bottle Box 10 - 1 Play Coin
Condensed White Potion 100 - 2 Play Coin
Small Defense Box 10 - 10 Play Coins 
Small Magic Defense Box 10 - 10 Play Coins

Small Defense Box 10 - 10 Play Coins


New Donate Costume Scroll
It can be bought in Donate NPC worth 300 Play Coins
Added Cos.Shadow Force Weapon
ATK +5%       
[If combo with Champion Shoes, Damned Shadow Armor and Tempest Shadow Earring]
STR +3
Added Cos.Shadow Steal Weapon
ASPD +5%      
[If combo with Andre Shadow Shoes, Exorcism Shadow Armor and Steal Shadow Earring]  
AGI +3 
Added Cos.Shadow Bearer's Weapon
MaxHP +500    
[If combo with Seraphim Shoes, Divine Shadow Armor and Vitality Shadow Earring]
VIT +3 
Added Cos.Shadow Angelus Weapon
MATK +5       
[If combo with Athletic Shadow Shoes, Hallowed Shadow Armor and Wise Earring] 
INT +3, 
Added Cos.Shadow Dexterous Weapon
Cast Time -5% 
[If combo with Divine Shoes, Flame Shadow Armor and Infinity Shadow Earring]
DEX +3
Added Cos.Shadow Critical Hit Weapon
Crit Damage +2%
[If combo with Blitz Shadow Shoes, Underneath Shadow Armor and Power Shadow Earring]
Luk +3




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KOE Scroll Updates
KOE Scroll Tier 1
Added Cos.Shadow Champion Shoes 
(Effect:Max SP +2%)
Added Cos.Shadow Adurate Shoes
(Effect:Max HP + 2%)
Added Cos.Shadow Seraphim Shoes
(Effect:Natural SP regeneration 10%)
Added Cos.Shadow Athletic Shoes
(Effect:Natural HP regeneration 10%)
Added Cos.Shadow Bearer's Shoes
(Effect:Def +3)
Added Cos.Shadow Blitz Shoes
(Effect:Flee +5)
KOE Scroll Tier 2
Added Cos. FlamersV1 
(Effect:Each attack has a chance of gaining CRIT +100 for 3 seconds.)
Added Cos. FlamersV2
(Effect:Add a 3% chance of auto-casting Level 1 Lex Aeterna on the enemy when attacking.)
Added Cos. FlamersV3
(Effect:Crit Damage by 1%)
MVP Tier Scroll Update
Added Cos. FreyaV1 in MVP Tier 3  
(Effect:Increase Damage to Boss type Monster by 3%)
Added Cos. FreyaV2 in MVP Tier 2 
(Effect:Add a 3% chance of auto-casting lvl.1 Increase Agi when the user receives short range Physical Damage)
Added Cos. FreyaV3 in MVP Tier 1 
(Effect:Reflect Physical Damage by 3%)
Quest Shop Update
Quest Costume Scroll 
Requirements: (All weight of the items required on this quest has been change to 0)
Poison Spore x1000
Claw of Desert Wolf x1000
Blue Hair x500
Burning Heart x2000
Lava x3000
Tentacle x600
Red Muffler x300
Special Exchange Ticket x1
Hourly Coin x30
Contains the following:
Added Cos. Beast Wings
Increase HP and SP Regen by 3%.
Added Cos. Beast Taurus
Add a 3% chance of Freezing on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.
Added Cos.Shadow Tempest Earring
[If Base Str is 90]
Atk +5
Added Cos.Shadow Steal Earring
[If Base Agi is 90]
Aspd +1
Added Cos.Shadow Vitality Earring
[If Base Vit is 90]
Increase resistance against Neutral Property attacks by 2%.
Added Cos.Shadow Wise Earring
[If Base Int is 90]
MAtk +5
Added Cos.Shadow Infinity Earring
[If Base Dex is 90]
Increase ranged damage by 2%
Added Cos.Shadow Power Earring
[If Base Luk is 90]
Increase Crit rate by 3%

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