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Changelogs April 5,2019

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[April 05 2019 iPlay Update!]




Added New items on some Scroll!!!
Loyal Play Box
Gambler Seal
A gambler seal that attached to cheek for a lucky charm.
CRIT +4.
Critical damage +3%.
ATK +2, MATK +2.
MVP Scroll Tier 3 
Bio Protector 
An eyes protector made for researcher.
HIT +10
Atk +1% Matk +1%
Donate Scroll 2
RTC Winner Hat
All stats +1
Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monster by 3%.
Atk +5% Matk +5%
HP +5% SP +5%
When receiving physical attack, has a chance to inflict Curse on the enemy.
Mighty hammer
RTC 2nd Winner Hat [1]
All stats +1
Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monster by 2%.
Atk +3% Matk +3%
HP +3% SP +3%
When receiving physical attack, has a chance to inflict Curse on the enemy.
Quest Shop 
RTC 3rd Winner Hat
Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monster by 1%.
Atk +2% Matk +2%
When receiving physical attack, has a chance to inflict Curse on the enemy.
Hunting Scroll
Goedo Monocle
A stylish monocle that attached with dragonfly ornament. This monocle belong to a famous thief, Kaito.
AGI +2
Increase Physical Attack by 1%
Adds a chance to auto cast Level 1 [Steal] when dealing physical attacks.
Loyal Play Box
Advanced Binoculars [0]   [Middle Head]
Fancy glasses helps you see long distances. Made with compressed glass.
DEX + 1, long range physical attack damage +1%.
Loyal Play Box
Sirt Evil Eye [0]   [Middle Head] 
Wearing dizziness imitation of giants Sirt of the flame that would burn the world, you can feel the heat to get angry.
STR +2, ATK +1%.
Increase Resistance to Water Element by 10%
Loyal Play Box
Advanced Fin Helm [0]   [Middle Head]  
A fish fin looking helm that protects Swordmen. This doesn't help you breathe under water.
VIT +2, MDEF +3 Max HP +2%
Hunting Scroll
Pterios Fins [1]   [Middle Head]   
'No one ever approaches perfection except by stealth,
and unknown to themselves. - William Hazzlit'
Increases resistance against Fire property attack by 8%.
Donate Scroll 1
Rainbow Star [0]   [Middle Head]
"Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. 
There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail. - Robert Motherwell"
Increase damage to Demi-human by 3%.
Hunting Scroll
Vajra [0]   [Lower Head] 
One of the holy weapon of Rudra, the God of storm.
DEX +1
Increases long-range physical attacks by 3%.
KOE Scroll 2
Father's Mask [0]   [Lower Head]
MATK +2%
Donate Scroll 1
Stem In Mouth [0]   [Lower Head]  
Stem of plant that has efficacy of neutralization.
Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monster by 3%.// Change
ATK +10, MATK +10.
Restore HP by 30 and SP by 3 when killing enemy.
Donate Scroll 2
Foxtail [0]   [Lower Head]
A Wanderer style item
MATK +10. 
Reflect physical damage by 2%
Donate Scroll 3
Father's White Moustache [0]   [Lower Head]   
A fake white beard which is made according to the beard of father. It's thick and strict looking.
ATK + 10
Increase Damage to Demi-human monster by 2%
Hunting Scroll
Diadem Of Bruenhild
This diadem has been worn by a heroic woman. The legend says she had supernatural powers. You can feel a strong magic flow when wearing it.
All Stats +5. 
Increases resistance against Neutral property attacks by 5%. 
Increases resistance against Dragon monsters by 5%. 
Has a chance of autocasting Level 8 Endure when receiving physical attacks.
Donate Scroll
Indonesian Id Sakkat
A proud sakkat of Indonesian independence fighter.
VIT +10.
ATK, MATK +5%.
Reduce damage from Demihuman monsters by 10%.
KOE Scroll
Dokkebi Mask [0]   [Middle & Lower Head]  
A mask more by people whose worshiped Demon god in the past.
Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monsters by 2%.
Reduces damage taken from Fire, Water, Wind and Earth element attacks by 5%.
RTC Item Updates
You may now quest RTC 3rd Winner hat on Quest Shop NPC
And you can Upgrade it to RTC 2nd Winner hat on Mighty Hammer NPC!
Added on Donate Usable Npc
Play stone - You can use it to enchant your Costume Headgears. (Upper, Mid, low)
Reset Fruit - You can use it to reset the enchantment of your Costume Headgears.
WOE Supplier NPC
Box Of Sunlight is Added on WOE Supply Shop 
Requirement: 1 Woe subscription ticket
Costume Enchanter NPC
Location: Prontera 119 100
You may now Enchant your Costume Using Play Stone (Available at Usable Donate npc) for only 10 pcoins!!
You have a 20% chance enchant upgrade with a random stone effect!
List of Stone Effects:
Atk Speed1  
ASPD + 1 <Base>
Increase Attacking speed (Decrease Delay after attacking) by 4%.
Increase Attacking speed (Decrease Delay after attacking) by 6%.
Increase Attacking speed (Decrease Delay after attacking) by 8%.
Attack Delay 4   
Increase Attacking speed (Decrease Delay after attacking) by 10%.
Expert Archer1    
Ranged Damage +2%
Expert Archer2    
Ranged Damage +4%
Expert Archer3   
Ranged Damage +6%
Expert Archer4    
Ranged Damage +8%
Expert Archer5   
Ranged Damage +10%
CRIT Damage +4%, +1 CRIT
CRIT Damage +6%, +2 CRIT
CRIT Damage +8%, +3 CRIT
CRIT Damage +10%, +4 CRIT
Fighting Spirit1    
ATK + 6, HIT + 2
Fighting Spirit2    
ATK + 9, HIT + 3
Fighting Spirit3    
ATK + 12, HIT + 4
Fighting Spirit4   
ATK + 15, HIT + 5
MATK + 6
Reduces variable cast time by 3%
MATK + 9
Reduces variable cast time by 6%
MATK + 12
Reduces variable cast time 8%
Status Effect Stone:
Str Agi Vit Int Dex Luk (+1 ~ +5)

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