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Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Question
Reading is Essential, Take time to read all of this.
How to download in PC?
Check the link on how to download and install iPlay in a step by step format.

How to download in Android?
Check the link on how to download and install iPlay in a step by step format.
I'm experiencing errors how can I fix this?
Check the link on how to troubleshoot your client.
How to register?
Click the link on how to register on our website
Be sure to follow the Password Format written on the website
What is the website?
What is the server rates?
25x 25x 5x (weekdays)
30x 30x 5x (weekends)
What is the server episode?
Episode 12: Destruction of Morroc
What is the Max aspd/stats/base & job level?
Max aspd 190
Max stats 99
Max base level 99
Max job lvl 70(TransClass) 50(NonTrans/Expanded Class)
Where is the job changer?
We don't have instant job change here. For job change guides kindly visit https://irowiki.org/wiki/ for job change guides.
What are the disabled cards?
No MVP cards
Disabled Mini Boss Cards(Archangeling, Angeling, Ghostring, and Deviling Card)
How many clients?
Max of 2 clients
Hosting location?
Los Angeles Optimized for Asian Country
Is the server well protected?
Yes, we are currently using Gepard 3.0
Is there Banking/RODEX mail system?
It is currently disabled on our server
Is the marriage system is working?
Yes, But the adaption system is not working due to some client issue of hercules emulator
Is there @autotrade command?
Autotrade is disabled
Any changes on drop rates?
Mavka will follow official drop rates
Sleeper will follow official drop rates
Succubus will follow official drop rates
Inccubus will follow official drop rates
Violy will follow official drop rates
Zipper Bear royal jelly will follow official drop rates
Enchanted Peach Tree royal jelly 4% drop rate
Valkyrie lowered item droprates
Satan morocc lowered item droprates
Beelzebub lowered item droprates
Any mob changes?
Mi-gao will act as a non-movable monster and non-attacker.
Any card changes?
Myst case card change to Luk +1
Mimic Card change to Luk +1
Any leveling spots for a newbie like me?
A simple tutorial on how to level-up 
Is deadbranch enabled?
Yes, deadbranch can be used on field maps (Some leveling Areas are disabled for Dead branch use.)
What other server features you have?
We have @LGP and @security you can check it here. *link*
How to earn Daily points & Hourly coins?
Daily points are accumulated points which can be received every 720mins. 720Mins = 1Coin. Your Character must be lvl 65 above to redeem the points.
Even if you're not yet lvl 65 your daily points are already running. These coins are NOT TRADEABLE
Hourly Coins can be obtained every hour and will automatically be inserted on your character. These coins are TRADEABLE
What is the replacement for MVP cards?
We have MVP badge, Which consists of 3 types, MVP Tier 1, MVP Tier 2, MVP Tier 3. 
MVP badge is filtered to the difficulty of the Boss monster. It has 50% Drop rate, and each badge can be an exchange
to MVP scrolls.
How do I use my Mercenary/Homonculus?
Just type /hoai for homun and /merai for mercenary. iPlayRO do come with an AI folder if you want to
use other AI folder you can browse it thru the web.
Any plans for WoE/BattleGrounds/EndlessTower?
It will be thru updates
Any Gpack features?
There will be a Guild Package to be posted soon!
I want to edit my data.grf / graymap is it possible?
Yes, you are allowed to use. But make sure don't change the 0=gepard.grf to avoid errors. 
Kindly refer to this link: http://iplay-forum.c...ted-grfgraymap/
How to remove costume on mobile?
Go to equip tab then click (>) which can be seen on your upper left part of the screen
Why does the description of the AFM is 100pcs but it gives 10 only?
Wrong description, that will be fix.
How to make a invite party on mobile?
Click the character and go to abilities tab > then party tab

How to remove pecopeco/falcon on mobile?
Change landscape to portrait to see the remove button
If you want to add more, Don't hesitate to send a message here in forums/facebook page.

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